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Madhya Pradesh



Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel and Chhattisgarh

Although responsible travel is extremely important for any destination that you visit but its importance even increases in the newly formed State of Chhattisgarh.

This new State is still raw in forming tourism culture and people are not at all exposed to the concept of Tourism. Hence, the “Responsibility” of Responsible Tourism is more here. There are many tribal communities , ecologically fragile ecosystems that are now being exposed to the tourists, hence it becomes very essential for us to acquaint every traveler about the various aspects of the destination being visited.

From small things as clicking pictures to larger issues like home stays, we try to create an experience which is not only comfortable and memorable for the visitor but also is equally acceptable to the locals. The participation and involvement of the local community in tourist activities plays a vital role in this regard. We also  eliminate the middlemen who try to take undue advantage of the innocence of the natives and thus the actual deserving people are able to reap the benefits of our activities.

But only such ideas are not just good enough. Such ideas are to be converted into practice and that is what makes us different from the other tour operators as we do not just operate tours for the sake of monetary benefit but instead we look at tourism as a means to address many major social problems that are being faced by the people of this country.  

What is responsible travel?

Responsible Travel is about trying to ensure that travel to destinations is a positive experience for all - people, place and the environment. It stretches from the simple things like dressing appropriately in parts of the world where showing a shoulder is disrespectful, to the more complicated issue of making sure that your money stays in the local community. We all know that the economic gain of tourism can be vital for a country, but this should never be at the expense of a country's culture or environment. 

Our role

Since Ice Cubes Services was created in 2005, we have held Responsible Travel practices at the very core of our operations.

We provide advice to our travelers through Pre-Departure Information. You will find a section on Cultural and Environmental Guidelines with advice on subjects particular to each destination such as begging, religion, photography, toilet paper and water usage. Our tour leaders are also fully aware of our policies and will be on hand to offer advice throughout the tour. 

Your role

Ultimately our policies mean nothing without our travelers' participation. With the new rising interest in Responsible Travel we are seeing more and more travelers take an interest in the issues of traveling responsibly, and we hope this is only the start of things to come. 


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