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Madhya Pradesh



About Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes Services was set up out of our interest to explore and photograph the relatively unknown and unheard destinations of this region. Initially, it was just a hobby but slowly with the union of like minded people, our hobby turned into passion and that set the tone for developing a professional agency that undertook well organized tours to these virgin destinations.  

Hence, we  have the  first  hand   experience of the all the unfamiliar   destinations  and  are well   aware of the  local  geography. At  the same  time , we   understand the  needs of  modern  day  visitors   and  work in the  most  professional  way   to  create a  memorable  experience in a way  which is  not  only  comfortable   for the  tourists  but  also acceptable to  the locals and natives.  

This agency was set up not just as a commercial venture but more of a platform to share and showcase the passion and interest of photography and to show the rich cultural and natural heritage that this region possesses. Even today most of the destinations of Chhattisgarh are almost unheard of and there is hardly any information about these places to the people outside. We just do not conduct any tour for the sake of conducting it, instead we try to create an experience for our guests by understanding their interests and needs. Each and every person in our team right from the driver to the office executive shares the same passion for the destinations that we take people to. Everybody at Ice Cubes Services does their bit to successfully conduct a tour. Constant reading and learning about the destinations, a close eye at the latest happenings related to our routes etc are all part of the daily routine here.  


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